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2021 Agenda / Summit

Tue 1 June 2021 / 10.30 am -

Sustainability pulse check: Initiatives and programs driving socially and environmentally conscious hotel design

  • Tina FoxSenior Associate Interior Designer Scott Carver

Owners and operators have quickly moved to meet their customers' demand for sustainable design and practices in their hotels. In this session, Tina will delve into current social, environmental and economic goals that both large and small hotel operators are putting in place, sharing best-in-class examples of in-market projects.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 11.30 am -

Hotel & hospitality design: The post-COVID playbook

Pivot, adapt, modify, change - the past 18 months have challenged the operating environment in hospitality. What does the future of hotel, restaurant and bar design look like? Has COVID changed the playbook? Will creativity be stifled, or challenged? Hear from our panel of design thought leaders as they share their take on how hospitality spaces will look in the future.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 1.00 pm -

Australia's design industry: What does the future hold?

Australia continues to be recognised as a hotbed of vibrant and immersive design; with hospitalty, commercial and residential projects emerging at rapid rates. But what does this mean for the coninuity of our design landscape? Reflecting on both the creative and commercial factors in the market, our panel of design leaders will share their opinions on what studios, firms and the industry must do to stay fresh and relevant.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 2.30 pm -

Searching for a unique story to breathe life into a boutique brand

Join world-renowned designer Juliet Ashworth as she delves into the importance of a narrative in hotel design and how a compelling story can breathe life into a boutique brand. Juliet will explore ways of uncovering and successfully developing a narrative and weaving it into the property’s DNA.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 3.30 pm -

Nurturing creativity and innovation in our practices

Creativity is at the heart of what we do, but as teams grow and a multiplicity of project deadlines loom, how do you ensure you create an environment that continually fosters and encourages development, innovation, and creativity? In this session, Mathew Dalby will share his thoughts and ideas on ways we can truly nurture and inspire our talent in their everyday environment, and how as creatives we can better manage our creativity to ensure it's there when we need it!

Wed 2 June 2021 / 10.30 am -

Surprise and delight: Deliver experiences or perish!

Your restaurants, bars and common areas are more than functional spaces, they're opportunities to tell stories, engage, and create experiences your guests will remember. In this session, award-winning designer Michael McCann will share his thoughts on how design can play an integral role in surprising and delighting customers through memorable and meaningful interactions.

Wed 2 June 2021 / 11.30 am -

The future of hotel design: Human-centred

Change is inevitable and heavily impacts everything, including the way we design and re-design hotels. The deeply human-centric nature of hospitality puts pressure on owners, operators and designers to look beyond the fundamentals and to engage the hearts, minds and souls of guests and their experience. This panel will share their thoughts on the future of human-centric design in hotel and hospitality projects. man-centric design in hotel and hospitality projects.

Wed 2 June 2021 / 1.00 pm -

Custom designing fabrics, wallcovering and carpets for projects

Join CHADA Associate Rebecca Boland as she explores the ways in which custom design can bring unique and memorable experiences to your projects. Specifically, she'll expand on the story behind the Botanical Wallcovering features in the Gin Lounge at the Fair and the journey to creating this stunning piece.

Wed 2 June 2021 / 2.30 pm -

Sustainable design matters

Considering how design impacts the environment is no longer a choice for design professionals, it's a responsibility. But how do you incorporate sustainability into your projects without overcomplicating and while continuing to create amazing space? Join our expert panel as they share their thoughts and experiences on sustainable design

Wed 2 June 2021 / 3.30 pm -

New Luxury: The emergence of the conscious consumer

Customers have shifted from seeking conspicuous excess to the desire for barefoot luxury with conscious wellbeing, sustainability and authentic experiences that are a reflection of their own life values at the forefront. Exclusivity, space, and time have become paramount, as well as a real connection to your place of arrival. This session will explore how food and beverage experiences can capture this customer journey within the hotel environment. You'll leave the session with insight to better:

  • Understand the factors and key drivers behind \'post-Covid\' travel and the emergence of a new generation of customer
  • Reimagine the Hotel F&B experience as a stand-alone immersive dining destination
  • Define the strategies and design tools you can apply to delight in this new age of travel

Tue 1 June 2021 / 10.30 am -

The time is NOW: Sustainability as a true revenue generator

  • Brad CoxDirector Communications Green Globe Certification

Social responsibility, yes. Growing consumer consciousness, yes. A valuable marketing tool, yes. But what about a powerful revenue generator and cost reduction methodology? YES! With more than 20 years of Sustainable Tourism experience, Brad will share the obvious and not-so-obvious ways you can create significant bottom line impact across your accommodation business through sustainable practices and solutions.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 11.30 am -

Becoming a more sustainable hotel before it's too late

There's more to becoming a truly sustainable hotel beyond reducing consumption. Join this panel of sustainability experts to learn just how many solutions and considerations there are to have a recognised impact on the environment and your subsequent operation.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 12.30 pm -

Valuation uplift: Investor view on sustainability

  • Riccardo RizziHead of Energy and Sustainability Services Australia JLL

In this session, Riccardo will share research and insights into investor expectations of operators across a range of real estate classes including hotels. He will examine the evidence for valuation/financial uplift resulting from sustainability initiatives and programs being integrated into your hotel operations.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 1.30 pm -

Energy-management savings: Tips, tech and innovation for hotels

Owners are demanding maximum performance from their assets, particularly as energy costs rise and equipment becomes dated. In this session you'll hear from a panel of experts who will share their tips, tech and innovation investments that are having an impact on their energy management outcomes

Tue 1 June 2021 / 3.30 pm -

Assessing if your suppliers are walking the sustainability talk

As a global brand with an international supply chain, and the eyes of the world’s media and NGOs scrutinising our operations, Nespresso has had to work hard to stay at the leading edge of advances in sustainability. Determined to walk the talk, our mantra is doing is everything and we will be carbon neutral by 2022. Marta Fernandes, Head of Strategic Projects and Sustainability at Nespresso will share some of the key straight forward ways you can assess whether suppliers are delivering on their sustainability promises.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 10.30 am -

Global traveller insight: Understanding the 'new' needs and wants

  • Drew BoweringSenior Director Market Management APAC Expedia Group

People are dreaming of travel. They want to pack their bags and get away. Success today means understanding when and how they intend to book their stays. This session will reveal our most recent global traveller survey of 16,000 consumers across eight international markets (including Australia), with insights on how traveller expectations for hotel properties have evolved and actionable strategies to help drive reservations and revenue in the coming year. Expedia Group brings the accommodation and transportation sectors into one connected ecosystem. This ecosystem represents millions of voices from across the travel industry – working together to reunite families and friends, reopen access to new and different cultures, and help people chase new dreams.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 11.30 am -

Returning to profitability: Initiatives, insights & opinions post-COVID

Join this panel of owners and leaders as they deep dive into the strategies being deployed across their properties to rebuild. They'll uncover the initiatives and wins that have evolved as a result of COVID, as well as sharing their individual opinions on what hoteliers must do to thrive in today's environment.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 12.30 pm -

The view from the top: Unpacking the next 5 year

  • Damian QuayleChief Operations Officer - Sydney The Star Sydney
  • Heidi KunkelAustralasia Vice President - Operations Hilton
  • Antony RitchChief Executive Officer TFE Hotels
  • Craig HooleyChief Operating Officer Minor Hotels Australia and New Zealand
  • Dean LongChief Executive Officer Accomodation Association

The pandemic has challenged every accommodation business differently, and with green shoots now beginning to flower for many, how far are we from full bloom? Without a crystal ball and continual movement of the goalposts, some of our most respected industry leaders will share their approach to looking and planning ahead.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 1.30 pm -

The great divide: Approaching the talent pool rebuild in hotels

  • Michelle BevanChief People Officer TFE Hotels
  • Kim LeeChief People & Performance Officer The Star Entertainment Group
  • Sarah DerrySenior Vice President Talent & Culture Pacific Accor

Hiring has always been a challenge for our industry, yet the pandemic has amplified this to inconceivable levels. For a service-based industry judged often on the merits of our people, this poses a significant dilemma. In this panel discussion, people and culture leaders from major hotel groups will share how they're approaching the problem, their predictions, and the strategies being deployed to ensure business continuity for guests.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 2.30 pm -

Benchmarking post-pandemic: How you leverage to outperform

We stand at the bottom and we can scale the next mountain. How do we get to the top? Any climb requires you to train, have a compass and a map to be successful. Join Matthew as he takes you through how you can utilise market insights to have the best training techniques and the right tools to get to the top.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 3.30 pm -

Leadership Panel: How have you coped with the Pandemic?

  • Graham PerryManaging Director Australasia BWH Hotel Group
  • Geoff YorkChief Executive Officer Crystalbrook Collection Hotels and Resorts
  • Dave BaswalManaging Director ANZ Ovolo Hotels
  • Michael JohnsonCEO – NSW & National Tourism Accommodation Australia

Join this cross section of industry leaders as they lift the lid on how their businesses faired through COVID, the strategies deployed, and how they see the next 24 months for the industry, their businesses, and the ever-changing guest mix.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 10.30 am -

Book Direct Strategy & The Importance of First Party Data

With the removal of third-party cookies by 2022, hoteliers will face new challenges when it comes to marketing in an age of data privacy. But where do you start, how will market your properties and what do you need to start implementing now to stay ahead? In this session, digital media expert Jana Doebbert will delve into the strategies and roadmap required to attract, convert and retain customers in the future.

Tue 1 June 2021 / 11.30 am -

Hotel marketer deep dive: Dissecting COVID and future strategies

    • Leanne Stocks Director of Sales & Marketing BWH Hotel Group
    • Oliver Ruf Director of Revenue Management Park Hyatt Sydney
    • Renae Trimble Chief Commercial Officer - Pacific Accor

    We are now in the midst of a pandemic that our industry and the whole world has never experienced before. These times will be challenging, but it will be imperative that we stand united, as an industry working towards the future. More than anything, this crisis highlights that we are all in this together - but have we all been impacted in the same way? Which segments and where have we seen opportunity born from this crisis? Hear from two very different perspectives on their experience of the crisis and which strategies will be sustained post-COVID.

    Tue 1 June 2021 / 1.00 pm -

    How to win at Social!

    In this practical session, Amaury Treguer from Red Havas will guide you through how to develop your own social/digital strategy covering what are the listening tools available to assess your competition and better understand your audience, how to develop your platform ecosystem, craft your own content strategy, understand the various paid advertising formats available and measure success. In short, you'll learn how to win at social!

    Tue 1 June 2021 / 2.00 pm -

    Blueprint: How to win the Customer Experience Journey

    Customer experience is the entire sum of all interactions with your business, however as marketers, we often focus on creating campaigns centred around discounting and promotions, but what if there was another way? In this session, email marketing and CX expert, Felisha, will blueprint the key elements that contribute to your customer's journey, highlighting how you can better utilise your marketing channels to win bookings with experience!

    Tue 1 June 2021 / 3.00 pm -

    Publicity hacks expensive PR agencies don't want you to know!

    It’s a big misconception that PR is all about having connections, (spoiler alert: it’s actually the story that counts). Celia Harding from PR Shed will tell you everything expensive PR agencies don't want you to know, so you can find free opportunities to publicise your business and boost your SEO. Learn what stories the media are interested in, how you can become a source for their content, as well as find ways to hijack the news agenda to talk about your brand.

    Tue 1 June 2021 / 4.00 pm -

    Double your direct revenue: Diagnose traffic drop-offs on your website

    Hotels are spending valuable marketing budgets to drive new visitors to websites, but what do you do when those visitors don't turn into customers and revenue, or when your traffic itself starts to drop away? In this session, we'll look at the core reasons why traffic drops can occur, the steps you can take to fix it, and the top three things to do to double your revenue through your website without spending more money on ads!

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 10.30 am -

    Unleashing the power of your PMS: Looking outside the box

    • Adam BrittonSales Director Mews
    • Howard PhungGeneral Manager Digital, Data & Tech - Hotels & Resorts Event Hospitality & Entertainment Limited
    • Damien MurphyCo-Founder hconnect
    • Rudy KaleleDirector of Revenue, Distribution and Central Reservations Iconic Hotels by Geocon
    • Graham MannDirector GuestTraction

    Join our deeply experienced panelists as they unpack the ways the PMS can be used to do so much more for your accommodation business. What can you integrate? Where do new automation opportunities exist? Case studies of successful efficiencies and much more. You will leave this session with practical ways to make your PMS really work for you!

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 11.30 am -

    Contactless Technology - The hype v the reality

    Let's cut to the chase! For many, COVID accelerated the adoption of considered technologies including mobile key and online check-in, but what has been the outcome? Have these solutions made a difference? What has been guest acceptance and uptake? Where are the opportunities to improve and realise ROI and operational efficiencies?

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 12.30 pm -

    How tech-enhanced wellness is changing the guest experience

    Join leading wellness entrepreneur, Tony de Leede as he deep dives into the ways a well-thought-out wellness offering can enhance your guest experience and increase your bottom line. Learn how to create wellness hubs utilising untenanted conference and meeting spaces, and get a better understanding of the value wellness technology can add to your spa offering.

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 1.30 pm -

    Technology + Outsourcing = Operating efficiency & improved performance

    Covid has challenged the operating structure of our properties like never before, and with ongoing workforce challenges, are there different approaches to achieving better operating performance? This session brings together experienced operators and vendors all of whom have expertise deploying technology and outsourcing to find reliability and efficiencies in their properties.

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 2.30 pm -

    BIG technology impact without a chain hotel budget!

    What if we told you there were cost-effective technologies that could rebuild customer trust, win new business, and have you competing with global hotel chains without the need for huge budgets and complex integrations? In this session, Damien will dive into a selection of solutions that are easy to implement without breaking the bank!

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 3.30 pm -

    How smart rooms can transform your brand and guest experience

    Think your rooms are 'smart'? Think again! In this panel session, we bring together a collection of technology experts as they talk through the technologies, integrations and what's possible today and in the very near future. How do you wow your guests with integrated technology while ensuring it's easy to use for guests of all ages and nationalities? How do you leverage smart tech to reduce the operating cost of your room? Is there an ROI gauge you can place against the tech? How long will it last before it's outdated?

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 10.30 am -

    Budgeting in a post-COVID environment: How forward-looking data can be harnessed to accurately forecast for 2022

    Hoteliers need to be more flexible than ever as they plot a route through the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare for demand to return. The path to recovery is getting shorter each day and it is now time for hoteliers to identify how to budget successfully in a new normal. This means developing a revenue strategy which applies actionable, forward-looking data to accurately predict and capture the inevitable shift in demand. Time to find out how to effectively rebound from the pandemic and get ahead of the competition with a proactive data-driven strategy.

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 11.30 am -

    The influence of trust and control on price perception

    • Jason CarleyPartner Simon-Kucher and Partners
    • Oliver RufDirector of Revenue Management Park Hyatt Sydney
    • Melissa KalanChief Executive Officer Australian Revenue Management Association (ARMA)
    • Anthony StanleyDirector of Performance and Revenue Management Choice Hotels Asia-Pac
    • Corinne EastExecutive Manager Easts Holiday Parks

    This session will explore the importance of trust and control in the context of pricing and their role in guiding consumer purchasing decisions and focus on the power of creating exceptional user experiences, that also, influence trust. Further, you will explore psychological pricing strategies such as social proof, comparative pricing, scarcity, and choice, and consider how these too influence trust and control

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 12.30 pm -

    Agility: why it's non-negotiable in 2021

    • Marika SanigorskaEnterprise Director, APAC SiteMinder
    • Marit ConnellDirector of Revenue - ACT & NSW TFE Hotels
    • Mark TierneyChief Revenue & Distribution Officer Quest Apartment Hotels
    • Howard PhungGeneral Manager Digital, Data & Tech - Hotels & Resorts Event Hospitality & Entertainment Limited

    It is said that great innovation can emerge from the greatest crisis, and few understand that better than some of the world’s largest hotels. From reinventing their spaces to accommodate frontline health care professionals, to creating virtual concierges for guests in isolation, and unveiling a new collection for independently-branded hotels, Quest Apartment Hotels, TFE Hotels, and Event Hospitality & Entertainment Limited have embraced the challenges of the past year to remain leading brands that all hospitality professionals globally can look up to. In this session, the chains’ heads of revenue and technology share their untold stories of challenges and surprises, and how they're thinking about the next 12 months. They will also speak on the latest movements impacting hotels, from changed guest behaviour to technology and security, alongside the biggest name in hotel distribution, SiteMinder. Session takeaways: - How priorities for the coming year have changed for hotel chains and why it’s critical to balance compliance with innovation - Emerging booking trends and how to get your market share - The latest guest needs and expectations and how hotels are responding

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 1.30 pm -

    Good, Bad, & Ugly: What I learnt about revenue management during COVID

    The people, the providers, the hoteliers, the owners - they all played it differently. As the severity of COVID escalated, true colours shone across the industry, and they weren't all beaming lights! In this session, Matt will share his best and worst experiences through COVID as they relate to revenue management. He'll detail how applying some very basic principles saved his own business and helped his hotel clients remain profitable, far exceeding the performance of their respective market competitors.

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 2.30 pm -

    Distribution Redefined: The future relationship with 3rd party channels

    Join this deeply experienced panel as they share their experience, opinions and insight into the future of doing business with 3rd parties. Will this sometimes volatile relationship evolve? How should you look at acquisition costs and direct conversions? What factors should influence your marketing spend and much more. Bring your own questions and let's build and recover together!

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 3.30 pm -

    The shift of the customer journey and distribution landscape

    Covid has disrupted our industry, it's changed the booking journey, and had significant impact on the distribution mix. Join this panel discussion as we unpack how our panelists are adressing the challenges, where they're getting wins, and their perspective on how the ever-changing mix can be best approached.

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 10.30 am -

    Small operator masterclass: Your hotel is a business, not a lifestyle choice!

    No BS allowed! This masterclass cuts right to the chase, with 4 experienced industry experts delving into the fundamentals to ensure you're not only attracting as many bookings as possible but also delivering a guest experience that meets expectations. Bruce will uncover the realities of profit vs loss, key budgeting considerations, defining your cost to selling a room and how to price accurately. Bring your questions, this session will be fast, practical and extremely valuable for smaller accommodation operators!

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 11.30 am -

    The devil's in the data: A smaller operator approach to leveraging the numbers

    If you're not using data to make decisions for your accommodation property you are missing a big trick! In this session, Paul and Tom will show you how to analyse, identify, develop and monitor data that can help you make educated decisions that ultimately lead to more occupancy and profitability!

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 12.30 pm -

    "I stayed at a perfectly adequate hotel." - SAID NO ONE EVER

    No one ever goes home and tells their friends and family about the perfectly adequate hotel they stayed at last week. Their social media posts, their chatter, their reviews will be full of photos of different, unique, interesting, amazing, awful, disgusting and anything else extreme. No one picks a hotel from the endless scroll of TripAdvisor, booking.com or Expedia based on a nice photo of a bed in a nice room with while walls and a few throw cushions. Therefore, how do you plan to stand out in a very crowded world of endless scrolling? 1. Your photography 2. Your website 3. Your social media 4. Your OTA listings 5. Your bookability 6. Your data 7. Your customers 8. Your market What do you need to focus on when you only have a small budget but want big returns?

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 1.30 pm -

    Direct bookings playbook: Know how to win the customer

    As small hotel operators, we often make assumptions as to why our guests book direct. Is it due to price, reviews, loyalty programs or payment options. In this session, you'll get research-based answers and the results will not only surprise you, but will enable you to optimise your strategy to capture more direct booking guests.

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 2.30 pm -

    9 ways to stop hotel booking leakage for smaller operators

    STOP! Before you invest in new hotel technologies there's a large list of things you can be doing to stop your booking leakage first! In this session, Mick Harper will run you through the key pillars and roadmap to acting like the big boys without the large teams, tech and budgets!

    Wed 2 June 2021 / 3.30 pm -

    Best bang for buck: Marketing spend strategies for small operators

    Running a small accommodation business is challenging and driving revenues from your most profitable channels critical. So with limited marketing dollars, how do you best spend your budget? How do you directly measure the results of your digital marketing? Which channels should you focus on and why? In this session, Darryl will channel more than 25 years accommodation industry experience to help you get the best results from your marketing investment!

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