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24-25 JULY 2019
ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre
Darling Harbour, Sydney

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Blockchain and hotels. Don’t get left behind!

Seminar Theatre A
Revenue & Distribution
Management & Operations

One look at payment, loyalty, distribution and data silos and there is no doubt that many things in travel are broken thanks to an underlying technology infrastructure that has outlived its use for the most part. Add in that the speed of change has quadrupled over the last 3 years and it’s not farfetched to look outside and at new ways of doing things. Blockchain next to Artificial Intelligence have become buzzwords and “trendy” in 2018. But what is it all about? Should we drop everything and get on the bandwagon? Is it the silver bullet we are looking for or just another fad?

Join us for an informative and fun session around blockchain and travel. We will look at problems and possible solutions that Blockchain offers the industry and will see real start ups trying to break into travel – one block at a time. Takeaways will include:

– Travel pain points that blockchain solves
– Blockchain 101 and what it can do
– What blockchain doesn’t do!
– Startups breaking into travel – the blockchain approach

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