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“I stayed at a perfectly adequate hotel.” – SAID NO ONE EVER

Seminar Room B
Small Hotelier Summit - 2 June

No one ever goes home and tells their friends and family about the perfectly adequate hotel they stayed at last week. Their social media posts, their chatter, their reviews will be full of photos of different, unique, interesting, amazing, awful, disgusting and anything else extreme.

No one picks a hotel from the endless scroll of TripAdvisor, booking.com or Expedia based on a nice photo of a bed in a nice room with while walls and a few throw cushions.

Therefore, how do you plan to stand out in a very crowded world of endless scrolling?

1. Your photography

2. Your website

3. Your social media

4. Your OTA listings

5. Your bookability

6. Your data

7. Your customers

8. Your market

What do you need to focus on when you only have a small budget but want big returns?

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