24-25 July 2019
ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre

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24-25 July 2019
ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre


Please note – submissions for 2018 have closed

Are you a thought leader or expert in the business of running and operating hotel and accommodation business functions? Do you have practical insights you can share that will help propel our industry forwards? If so, please read this page in detail and complete the form at the end.

Our call for speakers presents an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience at the largest event in Australia for hotel and accommodation professionals. If you’re at the forefront of your craft and are willing to impart your learnings with the industry we’d love to hear from you.

We have 5 themes running across 4 purpose built seminar theatres running throughout the two exhibition days dedicated to; The Small Hotelier, Revenue, Distribution & Marketing, Hotel Design & Experience and Operational Excellence.

What are we looking for? 

We’re on the lookout for presentations that are new, haven’t been delivered previously and are insightful and packed full of practical, tactical takeaways for the audience. We want to drive change and better performance industry wide. We want to share wins and the path to success so that your peers can implement similar strategies in their businesses.

We want fresh insights, case studies, live debates, powerful panels, deep dive how-to stories, project journeys. Ultimately if you got something highly valuable to share and are willing we want to hear about it.

The Small Hotelier

Created for owner operators and small property managers that don’t have layers and teams across business functions, the program will help you understand and implement everything from navigating OTAs, to capturing and leveraging reviews, driving higher occupancy, managing guest expectations and experience, to energy management, boosting your bottom line and more.

Revenue, Distribution & Marketing

Built for revenue managers and marketing teams, deep dive into practical and tactical sessions focused on revenue optimisation, blockchain, mobile, metasearch, social media, direct booking strategies, Airbnb vs. hotels vs. OTA’s, aligning silo’s after mergers/consolidations, conversion rate optimisation, data and analytics success and mastering guest reviews.

Hotel Design & Experience

Developed for those who influence or lead the style and design of properties, the program is dedicated to the latest in contemporary design and guest experience. Topics extend from branding through design, to what’s hot now and in the future, guest expectations, lighting – getting it right, integrating technology into design and much more.

Operational Excellence

All about the business of running hotels – thought leadership and insights including: challenges on the horizon for hoteliers, secrets to attracting, retaining & progressing stars, energy management & building performance, F&B – are you getting it right, are you China ready, how to deliver on today’s guest expectations and more.

Hotel Tech

Nothing in hospitality changes faster than technology – stay on top with seminars covering: emerging tech trends, moving to the cloud, power of the connected guest, compare your marketing tech stack, the future of PMS platforms, getting ready for AI, guest Personalisation, game changing innovations and more.


2018 Submissions Closed – Submit for 2019