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Cassandra Dean-Rankin

Cassandra Dean-Rankin

Interior Design & Re-Design Manager, The Hotel Buying Office


The Interior Re-Designer

Cassandra began her career/design journey in her late teens by creating a fashion label, manufacturing and successfully selling my creations in a number of various markets.  As consequence, Cassandra was enormously proud to be awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 1987.

Cassandra then decided to reach out to wider markets and moved to Hong Kong where I established myself as an International Consultant to manufacturers and retailers in Hong Kong, New York and Europe.

Cassandra was then given the opportunity to become a part of a global Spa and Beauty Enterprise by being offered a Director of Projects, Operations and Sales position with the acclaimed Phillip Wain International, based in Hong Kong.  This enabled her to extend her creative talents from art and fashion into the commercial spa retreat space, which entailed turning 35,000 square foot sites comprising of 165 treatment rooms plus facilities and retail outlets, into multi-million dollar revenue sites.

Cassandra spent 28 years successfully growing with this renowned international company, traveling the globe, sourcing and implementing the latest design technologies, whilst maximising dollar per square foot on a budget and maintaining a luxurious five-star image.

Cassandra return home to Australia to further hone  her creative skills which enabled her to pursue her re-design passion by helping smaller Spa and Retail owners utilize and maximize their dollar per square foot spaces on a budget, without compromising style,

Whilst consulting to and now working full time in The Hotel Buying Office, Cassandra has been able to take a different perspective with her design and re-design work, providing a world of change to both small and large, branded and chain  boutique hotels, working with various budgets from full re-design to room refreshments.

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