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Marta Laguardia

Marta Laguardia

Revenue Manager, VERIU Hotels & Suites


Marta is a degree and masters qualified tourism and hotels professional with a highly developed specialisation in revenue.

Marta has worked with Veriu Hotels & Suites since July 2016 and has been responsible for introducing a revenue management vision to support the company which has developed at great pace.

As a member of the pioneer team, Marta has played an important role in the company and has shown how introducing good revenue management practices can be transformational for a hotel group.

Revenue is Marta’s genuine passion which has allowed her to be effective and successful in the role and develop a “revenue culture” in the company.

During her time at Veriu, Marta has secured healthy growth and achieved results above expectations. She has developed new strategies for the group, streamlined the revenue operations introduced, forecasting techniques and implemented successful strategies for the properties with the limited resources of a small independent group.

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