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Michaela Aguilar

Michaela Aguilar

Head of Partnership Ecosystem, Acoustic


Michaela Aguilar is the Head of Partner Strategy & Enablement at Acoustic, a marketing cloud, digital experience and lifecycle pricing and promotion technology provider. She recently joined the business from agency holding group Havas, bringing with her more than 30 years of experience working in the digital and technology industry.

Drawn to the worlds of technology and consumer behaviour, Michaela is a specialist in online churn analysis, customer retention, conversion optimisation and personalisation. She possesses a unique ability to bring people, technology, strategy and process together to deliver innovative and successful business outcomes.

Joining the internet industry during its inception within the Australian business landscape, Michaela has spent her career working in organisations that have shaped the local digital market. She was an early mover in the creation of websites using persona-based methodologies, which at the time was the first approach taking the consumer into consideration when developing digital experiences.

Michaela went on to launch her own successful conversion rate optimisation (CRO) business before selling it to Havas. During her time at the holding group, she helped integrate contemporary digital skills and processes within its media agency. When advising clients, Michaela centres her thinking around the entire consumer journey from end-to-end. In addition to her extensive experience, Michaela is also passionate about championing women in tech and education. She has spent several years working with ADMA as a tutor for the industry body’s digital marketing course.

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