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27-28 May 2020
ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre
Darling Harbour, Sydney

This is Where Your Future Customers Are!

Each year, the industry’s big fish spend two days in one pond at NoVacancy. It’s an effective use of their time as
they search for ways to become more efficient, connected, memorable, profitable and sustainable.



You’re Making a Sound Investment!

NoVacancy is the only place you can:
• Meet more than 4,000 hotel and accommodation leaders
• Utilise our latest technology investment to pre-schedule meetings
• Maximise your brand exposure
• Re-connect with current and past customers
• Market test new products with the ideal customer
• Build a relevant and current database
• Launch new products on the biggest possible platform
• Shorten the sales cycle with current prospects

They’re visiting with serious intention:
• 6 in 10 visitors don’t attend any other expo, they’re exclusive and hard to reach!
• 78% make or influence the purchasing decision, meet them face-to-face
• 86% of attendees intend to buy from a NoVacancy exhibitor within 12 months
• 18% have purchasing responsibility of $1M+


Their Words. Real Exhibitors. Real Visitors.

Do You Have What They’re Looking For?

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