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Dave Holt

Dave Holt

CEO & Co Founder, We-Date


A sixteen-year-old on the professional golf circuit, the youngest project manager for the bay building group, then a multi-million-dollar venture fund backed CEO before 25.

Dave started his career in sales, and part due to honesty and in part his family and farm upbringing, he was able to connect well with customers and became a top performing ‘sales guy’. Quickly Bay decided to load him up with additional duties, as the company needed assistance in managing, in part, the number of sales through the door. Dave took on the role of project manager and found he had a knack for managing people. Dave also used his private time to also become a personal trainer. Flying high, he had the life most people dream of at 24.

Following a nasty breakup, Dave started to look at online dating and realised there was nowhere to go to actually date. He was expected to be a piece of meat on the market. So, Dave left Bay and started developing software. With his sales background he knew he could not make an app that had no revenue stream, so looked into what dates meant in the leisure industry. From that Dave conceived We-Date (at the time, datenight before it became a TV show). We-Date is designed to have over 8 revenue streams at full size, and to simplify growing business for all leisure companies (from hotels to restaurants to event parks). “We got funding from three groups within its first month and now onto its second phase, we are looking down the barrel of $2M in round A funding and a new Australian-based dating industry centred around leisure activities.”

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