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24-25 JULY 2019
ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre
Darling Harbour, Sydney

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Design meets food: Delivering the experiential dining experience every guest expects

Design & Experience Stage
Design & Guest Experience
Small Hotelier
Management & Operations

“The Complete Customer Experience”

In a world where there is rapid change, disruption, uncertainty, and fragmented consumers, the role of design and experience has become more valuable than ever before to help brands better connect with their audience. Competition creates new opportunities and a strong visual design language is helping forward-thinking companies gain a competitive advantage by offering a complete experiential dining experience, by bridging the gap between their brand and an ever-changing market of consumers.

Eleena and Michael Tan, from experiential design agency, BrandWorks Melbourne, Australia, will discuss the importance of ‘redefining the customer experience’, where brand, interior design and dining all come together offer the complete customer experience.

– The 5 key touchpoints for creating the ultimate customer dining experience
– The Design Connection & impact – explore best practice hotel brands locally and abroad that have had success and becom iconic
– Experiential dining ‘5-step’ process: a design toolkit that gives you the steps to building a cohesive brand, interiors and dining experience that delights customers

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