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24-25 JULY 2019
ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre
Darling Harbour, Sydney

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People, culture, brand: Ensuring your team culture reflects your branding

Seminar Theatre C
Small Hotelier
Management & Operations

Peter Drucker wrote: “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”.

Organisational culture is a competitive advantage. So whilst a great marketer can create a brand that stands out in a crowded marketplace, maintaining that brand is a full-time job. You need a company culture that continues to reflect and strengthen your brand. Because without a strong culture, your guests, and eventually employees, will stop believing in the promise of your brand and the business will suffer.

This session will cut through all the ‘fluff n puff’ and mystique surrounding the creation and institutionalising of a customer-centric organisational culture. You’ll discover:

– What organisational culture really is & its impact on organisational success.
– The most reliable tool for uncovering the real truth about your current organisational culture
– The 3 questions that must be answered for you to be able to communicate your brand story crisply, thus making it easily adopted and permeated into every aspect of your business.
– The simple tool to measure the gap between where your current culture is now and where you want it to be and how to create an easy to use 90-day road map for how to get there.
Culture is a commitment, not a poster on the wall. It’s not about putting your purpose, values, and culture on paper and hanging it on the wall. Sustainable culture requires a focused effort to institutionalise it and ensure it permeates every aspect of your business. Whilst it’s not an easy task, it is one worth prioritising.

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